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Margies Explained (Bria’s Take)

Margies for mommas is an informal mom’s group. We meet up for a few drinks and to spend precious times with girlfriends and other moms.  Margies is a standing date on the 4th Friday of every month at 8:00pm, sometimes we have dinner, sometimes just drinks, always good conversation.  At one recent margies I got to the bar a little early and noticed how everyone was drunk.  I thought to myself, I used to be at bars all the time, now once or twice a month tops.  It was in this spirit that we decided to start a blog, a place to continue the conversations online, in snippets after work, after the baby is in bed, after the DailyShow, after dinner, before bed, aka almost never.

Just like at margies, while the thing that we all have in common is being a mom and while our conversations include what it is to be a parent we have a pretty wide angle on what that covers.

I hear the baby crying, guess that is it for my first post.

Tequila as Consciousness-Raising Agent (Carson’s Take)

Any time women congregate to share their experiences, it is a feminist act. I like to think of Margies for Mommas as a continuation of second-wave consciousness raising groups, just now it’s happening in a bar instead of a living room, with tequila instead of tea. Our partners are at home with our babies, supporting us in this, because they see how much happier we are when we can toss a few back with friends and kvetch and laugh.

Of course we talk about “mom stuff.” Sleep and diapers and pacis. The physical pain of leaving our babies to go to work. The complexity of juggling so many facets of life. The importance and difficulties of maintaining our relationships.

But what I love most of all is how we remind each other that our identities are bigger than that of “mom.” We are writers, artists, filmmakers, doctors, spiritual beings, thinkers. I love that we dress up for each other. We knew each other before we became moms, and we reflect to each other that we are still funny, smart, and sexy, even though we are so f!@#$%* tired.

Long live Margies for Mommas, and may its spirit of women’s solidarity coupled with silliness and fun spread across this land!

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